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Vitamins K2+D3

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Vitamin D is often called the sunshine vitamin. That’s because the body naturally produces vitamin D when the skin is exposed to the sun. However, when there isn’t enough sun exposure the body can’t produce enough vitamin D. That’s why so many people have taken to supplementing their diet with vitamin D3. To maximize the effectiveness of vitamin D3 we’ve paired it with vitamin K2 for a potent tag team that your body needs.  

Vitamin K helps the body know what to do with the vitamin D. This way the vitamin D can be absorbed and utilized to strengthen bones and support other areas of health instead of building up in the body. This build up of vitamin D can be toxic which is just another reason pairing it with vitamin K is so important.

Benefits of K2 & D3:

  • Support bone health
  • Promote immune system
  • Helps with healthy muscles

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