How To Prepare For Your Juice Cleanse

Before the Cleanse:
  • 4-5 days before starting the juice cleanse:
  • Eliminate or reduce: Caffeine (Coffee, Soda) Alcohol
  • Nicotine Dairy Meat Gluten
  • Processed Foods

During the Cleanse:

  • Be gentle to your body
  • Take a rest as much as you need
  • Incorporate moderate exercise, yoga, meditation. Have your cleansing juices with you all the time. Drink them in the order specified
  • Drink small portions anytime you feel hungry
  • You could dilute them with water if the taste is too strong for you
  • Drink water or herbal decaffeinated tea as you want. (omit sugars use 100% maple syrup or agave)
  • Take the laxative tea at night (if needed)
  • Sometimes you could experience detoxifying side effects: flu-like symptoms, headache, body aches, weakness, bad breath. Listen to your body. If the symptoms are severe, discontinue the program for the rest of the day. Eat some fruit, veggies, nuts. And try to restart the program on the next day

 After the Juice Cleanse:

  • Slowly reintroduce solid foods to your system
  • Start with blended vegetable broths and soups, low-sugar fruits, steamed vegetables. Start eating nuts, white meat and fish in small portions
  • Consume good non-dairy probiotic daily
  • You gave your body a great gift by completing the juice cleanse, don’t take it away
  • Follow a healthy gluten, dairy, alcohol, caffeine FREE diet
  • Avoid processed foods and drinks. Eat raw organic fruits and veggies as much as possible


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