Best Raw Food And Juices For Energy To Jumpstart Your Day

Best Raw Food And Juices For Energy To Jumpstart Your Day

A large number of us struggle to get going in the mornings and reach for the coffee as soon as we are awake. We think and/or hope the caffeine in the coffee will help us wake up enough to get going with our day.

However, the effects of caffeine on health are well documented, so many people are looking for an alternative to jumpstart their day. There are a number of raw foods and juices that can make a difference in the mornings and help you to get going. Below are some of the best foods and juices that can give you that boost in the mornings.

Energy bars

There are numerous recipes online for making your own energy bars that you can eat quickly and easily when you are on the go in the mornings. Most contain a mixture of nuts, seeds, and raw vegetables that provide a mix of vitamins and help increase energy levels. For added variety, you could add fruits into the bars such as oranges for added vitamin C.

Chia Pudding

There are endless varieties that you can go for if you want to mix it up a bit when it comes to chia pudding. Options such as celery, cucumber, and apples naturally contain a lot of water so help to make it more of a juice than a smoothie. Again, this could be made the night before to save time in the mornings.

Beet and Celery juice

There are so many health reasons to drink this in the mornings, and you will instantly feel refreshed and energized. Not only is this juice good for your vital organs, and overall health, but it can also help to improve your skin. 

Citrus and vegetables

Combining the effects of citrus and vegetables such as carrots and peppers will definitely help to jumpstart your day. There are numerous vitamins and minerals in this sort of juice, and you will instantly feel a burst of energy. The added citrus will give you a healthy dose of vitamin C, which can also help with general health and wellbeing. 


Whatever form you get your greens in, from juices to salads, they will always provide you with many health benefits. There are so many options available, so everyone is likely to find something they are happy with. Options include cucumber, apples, kale, and spinach; these give you a good base of many different juice options.

Pineapple and Peppermint juice

Combining pineapple and peppermint has hugely beneficial effects and can really jumpstart your day. This helps with dehydration, which can be the cause of fatigue. Moreover, there are so many vitamins and minerals in here that you can’t help but feel energized afterwards.


Oatmeal is excellent and providing energy and keeping you filled up until lunchtime. Add in flaxseeds and some fruit such as apples and bananas and you have a tasty and healthy breakfast that will jumpstart any day.

Banana pancakes

Everyone loves pancakes for breakfast, and you can even have them on a raw food diet. By making them with ingredients such as coconut flakes and fruit like bananas, you will be giving yourself a good start to the day. The vitamins will help to give you energy, and the bananas can prevent unhealthy snacking throughout the day. 

Raw granola

You can buy raw granola in most health food shops, so stock up on it. You can do so much with granola from snack bars to cereal. Combine it with some fruits, nuts, and seeds and you will have a healthy and nutritious breakfast that will jumpstart your day.

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